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  1. Doesn't really answer your question but found this on the site:
  2. Some reviews have suggested they are "new" lines and if visible the tyres haven't bedded in yet. Doesn't explain the variation in colours though. Might give uniroyal a call tomorrow, curiosity has got me now. 🤓
  3. Hi, is it the same size tool if changing a manual transmission fluid? I have an Impreza 1999 GC8. Thanks
  4. Cheers guys !!
  5. Hi all im trying to replace the sensor but the Torx 20 doesn't seem to fit which is mainly due the fact that it needs to be hollow or does it? if anyone could point me to the right tool, it would be very much appreciated. heres some pics
  6. Looking really good, You must be well pleased & thanks for write up & pics.
  7. I think that's what my toolkit is missing tbh...the converter/adaptor/reducer. I will not let those darn plugs get me down :)
  8. Wow what a selection, thanks for that.
  9. Hi Aucky, purchased a couple of these on the weekend - really pleased so far. Thanks for the info.
  10. Lol Thanks, yes removed the water reservoir and battery. Will give it another try though & along with Stant's suggestion. As a side question, bolts in the engine are rather rusty, the first bolt I unscrewed from the reservoir snapped. Would you have any recommendations on engine dress up bolts and the suppliers? cheers
  11. That sounds like a plan...thanks
  12. Hi Stuartie, Hoping your talking about a GC8 - I gave my plugs a go and gave up (for the moment that is). What tool combo did you use? I'm finding it difficult with the ratchet being unable to fit between the engine and the side of the engine bay. E.g. So I have Spark plug socket attached to an extension then I try to attach to the ratchet. I have tried attaching a flexible thingy between the extension and ratchet but no joy. Apologies for the newbie question. Would appreciate any advice.
  13. No problem at all mate. The wagon does look good though. I would agree the tweaks Tidgy mentioned would add a nice look too. Just a couple questions if I may, prior to fitting did you have any steering issues I.e notchy at 70mph? And what are like with speed humps, is exhaust ok? Just looking at some Bc's & Yellow speed that's all. cheers buddy.
  14. Yep agreed on the td04 it's rather limited. It's funny, when I bought mine I wanted to stay stock but there's a nagging voice saying "What if"......the addiction begins....:)
  15. Hi, did you manage to get it mapped? I'm intrigued to know if you made the 300.