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New owner first mod

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Hi, I pick my 60 plate wrx-s up on Friday and I would like my first mod to be a dump valve.

I know! Sorry!

I know people mention the vta ones can cause problems, so am I better off with an adjustable one like the TMF respons one, so I can have it 50/50.

Has anyone got any experience with the Collins Performance dump valves? They are just down the road from me and back in the day (cossie era) they along with turbo Systems and Castle Performance were the daddies!

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Wotcha and welcome - nothing worng with the mod, the collins performance option looks like the forge model.


Replace the recirc valve with the dump valve and see if it works - it will run rich as the valve operates but only momentarily - post some pics and let us know how you get on ;)

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Does running a VTA cause lean running for a split second when the throttle is reapplied? I would have thought when you vent to atmosphere, thus not pressuring up the turbo intake pipe via recirc, then air still being sucked in by the turbo (that is being metered and fueled for off throttle) will be getting built up in the empty intercooler.

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Yes, I'm lead to believe it will go rich for a very short moment.

I managed to get one on ebay, it's an ex-display model from Scoobyclinic.

Turbosmart, which can be 100% vta, 100% recirc, or anywhere in between, so I'll just wind it to be mainly recirculating, to get a small dump noise

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Not too sure but I think if the pressure goes back into the turbo that's not very good for the turbo?

Someone else may know more though.

The TD05 I run is a strong turbo and at higher boosts the DV vents to air anyway. 


As far as a few of us worked out on another site air entering the turbo intake pipe from the OE recirc DV creates a pressure that blocks new air entering past the MAF which confuses the ECU. 

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Not convinced yet! It rests on the TMIC bracket (see pic below) and even on 100% recirc it's not! If you give it a bit it vents to atmosphere still. !Removed! loud on 50/50 lol. Not tried it all the way vta yet.


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Doesn't seem to make any difference to how it runs. No pops or bangs. When turned to softest setting it just vents at lighter revs, where as on hardest setting it only vents when you let off from higher boost levels.

Actually doesn't seem any louder between the 2 extremes. If you gun it then both settings vent to atmosphere just the same.

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