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Looking to get an Impreza Wagon


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Good Evening All,


I'm Richard and currently looking at getting an impreza wagon over the next few months and have a few questions! (Apologies as I'm sure you've heard them all before)


I do 45 miles a day to and from work and was wondering what a wagon (Turbo) can achieve to a full tank driving sensibly?


Are high milers an issue? 100K + ? I currently have a mk4 golf TDI that's on 160K and going strong.


How reliable are they?


I hear they need to be serviced every 3K am I correct in assuming that's just oil/filter's or does it include gearbox and diff oil too?


Any thing I should look out for other than rust on the rear arches?


What sort of price should I be looking at for a classic?







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A classic wagon ? Standard ?

You will prob get 200/250 miles to a tank but they are tiny tanks !

Service is simple dump the oil at least every 3k then maybe every second service do the diff oil

High miles are ok if looked after one my mates had one iver 200k !!

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Cheers Matt, yeah would most likely be standard bar handling mods and exhaust!

How much to fill a tank on.these and is that 200k miles or kms?

I keep seeing cars that have had rebuilds at 60k, that just due to poor maintainence?

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yeah poor maintenance usually , Or thrashed too much and bottom end let go


200 in miles mate , Costs me about 60 quid to fill my tank with optimax whatever but i only do that every 6-8 weeks lol but i have empties a tank in less than 100!

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Yes.25s are not bad at all Considering your getting a turbo car and its AWD. AWD cars are less fuel efficient by default. But subarus are safer at front impact collisions due to its engine layout (your legs wont get crashed) I personally got. Subarus for performance and safety.

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