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Morning, very new to Subaru's thinking about making a purchase...


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Morning Subaru Owners...


I've no experience at all with Subarus. I'm up for a vehicle change and an impreza caught my eye online the other night. Thought I would sign up here and start doing some research to see if something like this could fit my needs.


I've been pretty set on an 06 VW R32 up until now. Driven a few and liked it. I'm coming from a 07 Z4MC, but a need for more space and perhaps some more practicality is driving this sale/purchase.






Gratuitous pic of the Z



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theres a sticky here....




Its a guide on what to look out for when buying.


Its a bit of a trip but Surrey Subaru Club have a monthly meet every 2nd Sunday of the month, your welcome to pop down and have a chat. next one will be 08/11/14


Full address for the pub is:
The Fairmile
Portsmouth Road
KT11 1BW

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Wow, quick responses. 


Thanks for the invite, might well take you up on it too.


I was looking at the R32 as I thought it seemed like a sensible choice for once, with a bit of flavour. I'm now thinking an Impreza of some sort might be a more interesting choice.

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Hi welcome to S.O.C 


If you wanting a bigger car Legacies are pretty good especially if you get the twin Turbos :D

I do love my Imprezas too though. Massive fun to drive in the snow they have their problems but not driven many cars that don't. So was you just wanting one or was there any specific need with boot space kids ?

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If you need more space I would go for the classic sedan shape.

Good to know:

The turbocharged boxer engine is a bit thirsty does not really matter if you drive with an egg under your gas pedal. Still drinks around 20-24mpg in urban.

Needs good care. This car is not a truck. So if you want to be a good owner you should change the oil in every 3-4K miles

Needs good oil too and ORIGINAL parts ( Motul or equivalent )

Tax is high above £400


worth every penny :wub:

These cars are so much fun to drive and live with. You can`t find nicer engine sound than that a Subaru boxer engine has ( in this price range )

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Classic shape is no where near 400 a year to tax !

As far as I know after 2006 it is above 400. ( It looks like he is after a 06 or 07 reg )

I did not refer classic as GC8. I did for the shape ( 4 doors )

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