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How do I diagnose this knock


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It comes from N/S/R suspension, it came on all of a sudden and was really quite severe. Following some internet advice I nipped up the top nut on and the knocking subsided considerably but is still there.


I think it is affecting the ride as I don't remember it being quite so bouncy.


Is this top mount or damper. I haven't got the funds this month to replace both so need some advice on how best to diagnose. Sometimes feels like its affecting the handling on right hand bends if I hit bumps it can make the wheel feel detached.


Thanks all

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I fear I may be in the same boat here. The chap I bought the car from told me mine is prone to suspension mounts going (2007 Hawkeye). Mine isn't that loud at the moment, it's a quiet clanging sound as the nearside goes over drains or bumps in the road. I've been trying to ignore it but you all know what its like when you hear something that you know isn't right, it's eating away at me. Must look into it. Let us know how you get on

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Just replaced my drop links today but the sound is still there. There was a lot of movement in the old ones anyway so they needed doing but still got the clanging at slow speeds. It's really annoying, I have had the wheels off today and had a good poke around but there is nothing obvious. I don't want to pay a garage to look into it and find nothing. Hoping some of the other members have had this and narrowed it down?

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Mine does this from the rear too. Most noticeable when pulling off of my driveway as I have to do a ninety degree turn whilst reversing off the driveway and the car knocks loudly but it also have it feel like it doesn't want to actually make that kind of turn. It's like the back end locks up and is fighting the whole manouvre.

It's worse when turning out into the same side of the road as my house (tighter turn) if I pull out onto the opposite side it is far smoother, less knocks throughout and doesn't go as tight or feel like it locks so much?

Also get most knocks from mine when at a crawling pace, when driving normally I get very little if any noise from anything on the car barring engine and exhaust lol, the way we like it to be :)

The slow speed knocks are annoying and I am trying to track them down but it's proving hard to source and as still extremely early days of ownership it's all very much learning as I go with the scoob.

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Sorted mine finally. (fixed it a while ago but haven't been on here for ages)

I feel really stupid but am posting in case it helps someone else...


All the clanging and knocking was a loose clip on the caliper. I finally noticed it one day when I was getting to the end on my tether with the sound. I spotted it but didn't really believe such a minor thing would cause all the noise, surely not!?! But it clicked back into place and I haven't heard the noise since.


As stupid as i feel i am glad it was a quick fix and didn't cost anything!

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