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My clay cloth experience


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Well as most of you know im not a car cleaning kinda guy , my company car gets washed by a quick jet wash or my friendly local eastern European friends , But my subaru barely moves and sits on my drive... gets dusty and water marked really easy!!


SO.... the clay cloth company advertised, I got into clay bar some 8 years ago and thought wow this is a good bit of kit, me and my mate did it and made good results on our cars


clay cloth then.... 12 quid what have i got to loose?


Start off with one dirty subaru complete with cob webs, bonnet looked a different shade of blue, the roof looked matte finish!












First stage i washed it!! by hand and maybe the longest job i done in a while on it, i blacked the tyres and used some special wheel cleaner on it , It didnt come out too bad but i could feel the grit and dust laying on the paint !!! 







So the cloth, got it out the packet, Seemed strait forward and off i went, i did the entire car in less than 30 minutes!  the cloth is a decent size ( about 300x300mm) so you can flip it easy then change sides etc, I kept rinsing it in the bucket of clean water and taking off the excess water with the other side "microfibre towel" type thing.

The water was a muddy grey by the end!


A quick over with some quick polish (pub was open and i was bored by now!) the shine was back!



























A very good bit of kit, I have left the towel to dry in the shed after a quick rinse so will be interesting see how many times it can be used but i think thats going to be a good point in its value for money as clay bars seem to last me a year or so cleaning for car shows etc..


The cloth is alot bigger than a clay bar, Clay bars annoy me having to keep remolding it but it does get in the corners etc better than this cloth but i managed to manipulate it to suit! In future i will use a bit of foam pipe lagging to wrap it around to get into that tight spot but to be honest this is great for a quick once over pre polish, Infact i next time would probably be just a wipe over with the cloth! 


Im not a detailer im just a normal guy... i dont go OCD and this is just a impartial review of what i think is a very good product. Pictures are just on my phone i took down the road yesterday


Im not using this to sway my entry into the competition entry ! LOL 





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Matt, very late in the response (sorry!  :( ) but what a great write up! Pictures are great and the effort involved in putting the review together is timely I am sure.


I will put this review on our various social media pages as its very deserving! Greta work


Thanks very much

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I used my clay cloth to clean my windscreen before I added rain X. You could feel all the bits of crud on the window as you wiped the surface. A few mins of clay cloth, the window was super smooth.

Result is less streaking and a super smooth surface which can only be good for the Wiper Blades.

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Some excellent reviews guys and it's so good to read. Could I ask those who have done a quick review to cut and paste it into our Reviews page on our website - if you're on Facebook, you can do the same there and add pictures for all to see. Don't forget that March's Car of the Month Photo Contest has also just started so there are prizes to be had - IT'S FREE!!

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After my huge polishing session last weekend and using the traditional clay bars I have noticed a few bits that weren't removed, clay bars annoy me and I have a tendency to drop them.

Can these cloths be re used? And do you simply rinse them down to remove the debris that accumulates on the cloth?

Finally, how much and where from? Cheers

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Perfect, well It's getting to the time of year when I'll start pulling my cars out so they will all need a good claying...

I also have a light aircraft which I wanted to do so I'll give a cloth a go on that and see what happens

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