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Radiator top hose help

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My top hose is weaping on cold start up, it seems to be coming from a poor seal between the rad and hose, no cracks or visable hole, and only trickles down the back of the radiator plastic shroud.

I want to take the end off and have a better inspection to see if it's damaged. Or if there's some congealed crap not letting it sit flush, if I do will much air enter the system as I don't have time to spend ages bleeding it tonight, plan is to just undo hose clip take a look before I start her up to go home.

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being top house that should be no problem but would quickly top-up rad before driving, sometimes a very little bit of grease rubbed to inside of the house can help it bed more perfectly as it being tightened up, highly likely hard scale deposits on inside of pipe causing issue or perhaps the rad pipe flange or fastener itself !

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Wouldn't like to say if would need re bleeding ,I've never had a airlock and my engine's been in and out 6 times

But a lot of people do seem to have problems with airlocks .

I'd be tempted to make 100% sure the join is the culprit .

release the jubilee clip at the offending end and move it clear of the leak .dry the area with kitchen towels .

As the plastic take off on classic rads tend to crack or the jubilee clip sits it can wear the hose .

And yeah They do get a bit of "fury !Removed!" around the joins of the rad to ally block coolant pipes, so it could well be the issue

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Cheers guys, typically the photos I've taken are on my old phone, you can see it just seeping out when cold around the bottom section of the hose it's a trickle

The rad is only 18 months old but the hose looks like it may be original so I'll have a look before I leave work, the cars parked on an uphill slope making life a bit easier. The jubilee clips are the spring type and the condenser for the aircon obstructs it from sitting right at the neck of the rad. Anyway I'll have a look and report back later on

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I would get a decent new clamp on that & clean inside hose & very very lightly grease smear it prior to fitting as helps pipe bed nicely without over-tightening clamp.

twin wire clamps like in your pic can be troublesome.

Is possible pipe gone hard & too scabby inside for good seal in which case a new hose is good idea.

You can smear just a smidge of sealant on in it  instead of grease which should stop it leaking & give you time source decent hose at nice price.

Worth checking rad pipe not split as it does happen at times,

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I know I'm an idiot!

Well took hose off, inspected and what not all good cleaned the top of rad and hose went on ok managed to move the clamp round and more towards the front tightened up and no more leaks, I was looking at new clamps what do you suggest? Was told the spring type are best for the rad hose ?

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Yes they not bad but do bed into the hose a lot & when old they don't always give even clamping the circumference of the pipe.

any decent quality full band pipe clamp could be used if needed, just got be careful not over tighten them really.

Sounds like job jobbed though :-)

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