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Single Mass Flywheel Conversion?

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I'm looking at getting a new clutch+flywheel. Which is unfortunately look about 700-800 just for the parts...


So I'm considering going for a single mass conversion? Something like this, which is considerably cheaper! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Subaru-Dual-to-Single-Mass-Flywheel-and-Clutch-Kit-Legacy-Impreza-Forester-/191442877663?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Car+Make%3ASubaru&hash=item2c92e27cdf,


Just wondering what are peoples views on this?



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Dual mass kits are always ridiculous money [emoji22] my old man traded his 56 plate mondeo in as the clutch & flywheel was coming in at nearly 1100, got 1600 trade in win win.

I only thought diesel's had them to damp out some of the vibrations,

How would the slingle conversion work without extra nvh ?

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To be honest I don't think you would notice a great deal of nvh.Dual mass flywheels was mainly designed to stop clutch judder and give a smoother drive.Id say do the conversion if you can it doesn't take long to do either.How far up north are you?i bet a few of us would be willing to come up and give you a hand to do the job

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You can't go wrong with that conversion kit, al very good components & a simple job of unbolting old & bolting on new so no extra steps over fitting new dual mass really.

Only thing that will notice the difference is your wallet at £400 savings.

The valeo dual mass flywheels are !Removed! as is most stuff valeo so this conversion is best way to go to save money & possible future hassle.

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Thanks for the replies chaps. Will go for it.


Rick, I'm in the Hartlepool area, however, I'm Planning to get Martin+Dave to do it in Sheffield at service/mot time. Martin's worked on my car on two occasions so I wouldn't even consider going elsewhere else.

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what make clutch you got supplied with your kit. any numbers, letters on clutch cover & plate ?


the clutch plate and the clutch has LUK written on it. But the flywheel doesnt seem to have anything written on it

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Same as ones I had. Kind of normal for flywheels be unmarked ...


ah right, i see. thanks


Looking forward to getting it fitted and getting rid of that judder feeling when in traffic and that horrible squeal too.


As it was bought by a family member as a Cat D at 86k, (its on 97k now) I have no idea of the service history, It's still got the original exhaust, so I'm guessing its likely to still have the original clutch/dual mass flywheel in. Although, it did have four Hankook winter tyres on it, so the owner must have had some sense.

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  • 3 weeks later...

So, I'll try and do a bit of a write up.


All was going well on Monday morning. Car passed the MOT without any problem, just a few advisories. Drop links and bushes i think.


Martin and Dave cracked on taking the engine apart and the gear box out etc etc.


However, it appeared that the bearing provided was not the correct bearing for the fork. So Martin advised that I give the seller a bell. After a bit of dicking about trying to find a contact number for him, I called him and he told me he had no idea if it would fit a 04 onwards legacy. (The eBay ad said otherwise) Martin n the seller had a bit of a chat and the seller agreed that i could return it to him for a refund, as martin informed him that he'd not fitted it.


The old DMF/Clutch looked like the original parts that were fitted from being built. So it was either, return the smf/clutch and hope for a refund or pay for a DMF+ labour etc etc. Martin ordered a replacement bearing for my DMF clutch/flywheel to try with the SMF. After a bit of investigation this bearing seemed to fit the smf/clutch. It was a little bit thinner but it fitted ok.


So martin and Dave cracked on and fitted it. Luckily it worked a treat and I now have a SMF. :)


Top service from Martin and Dave btw, don't think they stopped all day! :)


I do notice that the SMF doesnt like being in a high gear at low speeds. I Also notice that I now have a very brief screeching noise when I start the engine. So any ideas would be appreciated.


Interestingly, I noticed that the seller had changed his eBay add. If you click on the original link in my first post you should be able to find the description. I do not know when he updated this, It's majorly different to the add I read when I ordered, otherwise I wouldnt have bought it.

This is the latest add - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Subaru-Dual-to-Single-Mass-Flywheel-and-Clutch-Kit-Legacy-Impreza-Forester-/191475628987?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2c94d63bbb


He's added.

"MY04 --> usage:

replacing the Valeo dual mass flywheel and clutch in an MY04 or later
model, check whether your clutch release bearing looks like one of the
ones shown in the photos, and is held on to the clutch release fork with
two wire clips. If so, this kit will fit. 

your release bearing does not look like either of the ones shown in the
photos, the flywheel, clutch disc and clutch pressure plate will fit
your engine. However the clutch release bearing from this kit will not
fit your clutch release fork. See 'Clutch Release bearing info' below. 

release bearing info – there are three types of Subaru
clutch release bearings used on the relevant ‘push to release’ clutches.
kit includes the type shown in the photo as ‘A’, which was used on all
with a single mass flywheel. Models with
dual mass flywheels up to MY03 have the release bearing type shown as
‘B’, which is thinner. When fitting this kit to your MY00 - MY03 model
which had a dual mass flywheel, you need to replace bearing 'B' with
bearing 'A' (from this kit). It fits to your existing clutch fork using
your existing clips. Some later models from MY04 --> may have a
release bearing which looks nothing like either of the ones shown above
and does not use clips to attach it to the clutch release fork. It
may be possible to convert these later gearboxes to use the earlier
type of clutch release bearing by swapping the clutch release fork (and
possibly the ball it pivots on) for the earlier design. Alternatively it
may be possible to replace the release bearing in this kit with a new
one the same as the one you removed (not shown above). However, I have
no experience with the gearboxes and clutch release forks used in MY04
--> Subaru's so cannot investigate this. Therefore do not purchase
this kit for MY04 --> applications if the release bearing you are
replacing does not look like the ones shown above, unless you don't mind
experimenting with earlier clutch release parts (sorry I cannot help
you with this - if you have an MY04 --> model, you know more about
them than I do)."

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Least you got it sorted mate, those two have all manner of ingenious ways and a wealth of knowledge to get the job done 1st time,


yeah mate, chuffed tbh. Just hoping the screeching settles down in a few days.

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