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Not boosting at all help?


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Hi had a few problems with my v2 impreza. basically my standard recirt valve started to leak as someone broke the pipe for the vac line so after a lot of ear ache find the right bov that'll fit my v2 inlet I got a baileys blow off valve after fitting which wasn't easy due to little space it's now on BUT it doesn't boost at all and ticks over lumpy. I've checked for possible leaks and im sure there aren't any. Anyone got any suggestions? Was running perfect till the standard recirt valve broke! and i cant find one anywhere! 

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Maybe try removing the dump valve and blanking the hole and vacuum pipe to see if it idles better / holds light boost .

Don't boost to hard or drive about to much with it blanked off , it's just to check the valve itself isn't leaking

As it sounds like a vacuum or boost leak to me

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