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alarm/immobiliser reccomendations

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alarm/immobiliser is a start,

depends on the cost lf the smarter features, remote start is a nice to have but not essential.

would like to have key and fob as a single unit if that exists

Always surprised me more alarm makers didn't play on making key & fob all in one as selling feature as to be honest it is !Removed! better & would of been easy either via custom blanks or chopping standard key into a adaptable fob holder !

The Sigma is only one that has key & fob in one that i'm aware of, it based on the remote key 2 button fob like you have & you open it up & replace the board for a sigma one & comes with new cover for the key. Possible rip one out of a scrapped Subaru, I had one a few years ago as a friendly breaker had a forester breaker in & I noticed 2keys with inbuilt remotes in the car so decided spend few hours pulling the system out as price was cheap & spares handy.

As you going need paperwork for insurance you ideally going need go new.

Going with something that seems easy use for your needs & reasonable on support in your area & online info is good.

Clifford is a bit over rated as is over priced.

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Is this for your STi? Is it an import? Only reason I ask is that the UK Newages have very strong Cat 1 alarm and immobilisers as standard. Remember there's the keypad code entry doodah thingy you can set up too if you want extra security. And get a good steering lock. There's also a fuel cut method, I'd prefer you to PM me about that one though as it's not something we want to be too well known as obviously the thieves will know how to sort it then.

Can't you just get a spare key from your local Scoob dealership if that's what your mainly after?

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clifford G5 had one on a previous car and its a nice bit of kit. you will look to pay around £550 with turbo timer and Black jack fitted, with also remote start and lock feature to warm the car up. Will also save you around £100-250 on insurance so has good cost efficiency in the long run.

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