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Subaru Impreza Rear Strut Brace


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I ordered a rear strut brace off eBay...




I attempted to have this fitted on Saturday to no success. First issue was getting the mounting end through the bulkhead but once both mounts were on we put the brace bar onto one mount to find it doesn't line up with the other side... about an inch too long!


Here is a picture of the brace bar held up in the boot




Has anyone had the same issue or know the size of the brace bar? I've either got a dodgy product or my car is thinner than everyone else. Which would be worrying ;).

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I've got one on my jdm classic it was a pita to fit as my rear loom to the lights and wash wipe had to be re routed .

Probably pointless me measuring it as yours is newage but that does look to big .

Have you checked the part number to see if they sent you the right one ?

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Well I didn't go center to center but inner edge of one bolt to the inner bolt other side was roughly 80cm so I'm guessing good chance it could be about half an inch out if thats the case. will have to double check your's.

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On the mounts yeah, standard 3 bolts. Then on the brace bar one thick bolt. I didn't try forcing it into place as such seeing as it was so far out, if that is what you are meant to do I may have been a bit too impatient lol

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