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Sheffield Monthly Meet PICTURES are up

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So after the days and mins have flown by and the winter and nights are slowly buggering off , its almost that time of biscuits, banter (usually all aimed at me) and Cars.


April is the month that we will start running the meets, again and this time i want to see alot more than just us regulars there, we are a very friendly bunch and always say hello to everyone, and remember we all where new at somepoint :)



SSS (Sheffield Subaru Services)


Unit 36
Century Street
S9 5DX

Meeting Time and date 


2ND Monday Every Month (unless stated otherwise)


Meeting Rules 

1. No idiotic driving on the roads surrounding the Meeting.  

2. No leaving litter.

3. Do not partake in any other idiotic behaviour. 

4. Have fun and meet fellow Subaru owners.


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I'll be there as usual, especially if Gems cakes and buns are making another appearance :)

I'd be up for another mini meet too beforehand.

Matt - no mate. Any "sensible" people who can follow the above rules can come I think. Used to have them from a couple of Scooby clubs turning up, a few of which who have moved on from Scoobs too.

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Ash got a couple hopefully going from Uklegacy. might be more not sure. But when you post up each month can you do me a favour just add the date please mate think one of them was a bit confused if it was this monday. So at least everyone is clear on it cheers mate :) 

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On the 21st, Tom and I have been trying to get some interest in our first NE meet...trying is the word.

How about if we get no interest, we meet up somewhere between us all?

Just a thought

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