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Hi all!

I've joined the owners club in the hope of becoming one. I've been on the lookout for a P1 for a few months now and am really struggling to find a decent one, I've seen the one on here for £20k but unfortunately that is a little out of my budget... A couple have cropped up over the last few months but they're always 200+ miles away and are either modded beyond belief or sell before I can get to look at them. I'm hoping someone on here may know of somewhere selling one or someone who is thinking about it who may be persuaded? Please get in touch if you know/hear of any up for sale, ideally I'm after an unmodified one but i understand this is unlikely so as close to as possible is preferred.


I'm currently driving an EP3 Type R, which I've loved for the last 5 years but its time for a change and cannot wait to finally get into a P1. Cheers for reading and hopefully I'll be a proper "owner" in the club sooner rather than later.....



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Wotcha and welcome, there were a couple of type r's at sna imports, haven't got link at moment but they were tidy and reasonably priced?


Thanks for the response.

I have looked at the import market but I've always been wary of imports as there are some dodgy companies/cars around. I've got time to wait, already been waiting 6months so I'll hold out for the ideal car.


On another note; whats the difference between the Type R and RA? is it simply the number of doors or is there a mechanical difference like the Type R and P1?



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Hi mate I'll keep my eye out for ya to try help with the search. Don't see loads being sold now we've had a few nice one that members have had but since been sold on :( 

I can't remember his name but I know he sold it about £7k I think

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we've just had 1 daily driver p1 in for service, 1 that has been stood for 5 years and getting it all back on the road and another that has been stood for 7 years to pick up in the next few week, seems like they are coming back out the woodwork now so good luck in your hunt



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a friend of mine i going to sell his P1, he has owned it for 10 years, it has 46k on it if memeory serves me right, it is completely standard not a single mod and is in good condition, he is after £11,500 for it and it's based in North London.

If you want more info message me or email yodi@blueyonder.co.uk

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