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Found 15 results

  1. TD04L-13T wanted

    Hi all. I'm looking for a TD04L-13T for my MX5 project. If anyone has one they're willing to sell then please let me know.
  2. Cigarette Lighter Loom

    So think I may be in need of a new loom for the cigarette lighter. Literally just need the loom, not the actual lighter. For a 2006 STi (not that I think it matters much),
  3. Stiffies!

    I'd like some stiffies, without the blue pilll! 😊 2 please 😊👍🏻
  4. 06 STI Floormats

    As title suggests, I'm looking for some floor mats in the carpet for my 06 STI. Thanks 😊
  5. Blown Turbos

    Hey everyone, just curious as to if anyone has any completely blown turbos that are scrap they don't want or need anymore. Can pickup if fairly local to Newcastle or can pay for the shipping. Want to try making a little desktop piece out of one 😊
  6. Wanted, blue rear bumper (code 35J). Tried eBay, etc. Suggestions of where else to look also welcome, but have googled extensively..... also tried the online breaker brokers
  7. double post

    double post
  8. Wanted - drivers side rear light assembly, to replace one taken out by a rapidly moving gatepost that wasn't there earlier..... For Forester XT 2006 - circular-style lights inside an all in one housing. Tried eBay, online breakers, etc. Part number would also help, if anyone can supply it.
  9. I'm after a drivers side Blobeye headlight. I'm not fussy about wires and clips as I have enough of those!! De-tangoed would be perfect but I'll take anything aslong as the front is not damaged!! I can collect if your local eg 50 mile radius of Heathrow or I'll pay postage Thanks very much Alan
  10. Hi Has anyone got a HD headlamp for a late 2005 model Forester XT - passenger side ?
  11. I am looking to buy a mid 1990's Impreza Turbo. OK so what am I looking for:- Must be UK spec saloon with no modifications, except maybe the exhaustIn good condition, without mega milesIdeally with full service history, but a caring enthusiastic owner is more importantNot whiteNot owned by a smoker - can't stand the smellI had one like this up until 2001 when the kids were too long legged to fit comfortably in the back, so it went. :( Now the kids have all but gone I am looking to buy back in to the Impreza experience! :D If you have a cherished scooby that you want to find a good home for then please let me know. I am in the Stafford
  12. Hi guys, I'm new on here and I am looking to get a second Legacy, I currently have a 2L mk4 saloon but I am looking for: Legacy Estate/ Wagon Mk3 or 4 Ideally turbo or 3L (or just something with a bit more go than my 2L) Good service history MAUNAL I am not so bothered by milage as long as it has been well maintained If you have one or know someone who does, let me know. I am based in Huddersfield, Yorkshire but would be willing to travel for the right car and I have some family in the south who would be willing to look for me. I am also looking to sell my Legacy which you can see in my DP, 46k miles full Subaru history +1 which I did when I got it for my own peace of mind. If you want any more info on it just let me know. Thanks, James
  13. Hi all, Not sure if anyone can help but I'm looking for a headlamp unit for a Forester late 05 model (passenger side - right hand drive vehicle). I'm told it runs on a high voltage system. Photos attached. Any help appreciated as I'm drawing a blank on the breakers search engines. Does anyone have a headlamp or good contacts for subara breakers
  14. Will consider aftermarket, local to Horsham area (sussex&surrey) preferable
  15. WANTED - P1

    Hi all! I've joined the owners club in the hope of becoming one. I've been on the lookout for a P1 for a few months now and am really struggling to find a decent one, I've seen the one on here for £20k but unfortunately that is a little out of my budget... A couple have cropped up over the last few months but they're always 200+ miles away and are either modded beyond belief or sell before I can get to look at them. I'm hoping someone on here may know of somewhere selling one or someone who is thinking about it who may be persuaded? Please get in touch if you know/hear of any up for sale, ideally I'm after an unmodified one but i understand this is unlikely so as close to as possible is preferred. I'm currently driving an EP3 Type R, which I've loved for the last 5 years but its time for a change and cannot wait to finally get into a P1. Cheers for reading and hopefully I'll be a proper "owner" in the club sooner rather than later..... AGAIN PLEASE GET IN TOUCH IF YOU HEAR OR KNOW OF ANYONE/ANYWHERE SELLING A P1.