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Plasti Dipping


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heres my plasti dip run over, i did my roof!


it was origionally the subaru 52 deep mica blue, The roof was scratched and marked quite bad!. i had 2 options


1. vinyl

2. dip it


i done some vinyl wrapping before, its ok on small bits and pieces but tricky and vinyl is quite expensive now for big sheets as loads of people are doing it


so i looked into dipping! seems really simple on the youtube videos and i did a couple of tests with rattle cans which seem good for trim and small bits i.e. badges


i purchased a cheap hvlp gun for 25 quid, and a tub of pre mixed matte black dip from matt-pack about 18 quid that cost


so first up clean the roof


used a pressure washer and blasted all the little nooks and cranies to be clean


they recommend a pre dip wash which looks like alcohol, i just used panel wipe and let it dry for a half hour before masking up






mistake 01: this standard diy tape is ****, use the proper bodywork blue stuff, the dip gets in the cracks and takes longer to clear up


this is my gear



so my car is taped up and ready to go! lets start


lots of shaking up to start, shake that Mo Fo! alot !! then pour it into the hopper, i did a test spot on my drive (yes that building site looking thing im working on!)


I planned on 5 coats but i had my gun set up wrong and the first coat was alot thicker than i wanted, you want to aim for about 50% coverage so you can still see the origional colour, i could but it was patchy and the roof rails looked **** and splotchy, the trims looked the same


so i reset the gun, the dip was drying really fast and smooth! so i got back up and applied my second coat, this you want 75% coverage but mine looked more like 100 but it was hard to tell with such a dark colour to start



thats it wet! you can tell its rubber based by the look of flat roofing repair stuff! i was really concerned here now plus it smells like condoms


but after it dried




looks good i thought but after my youtube constant research its not done, it needs more ! so i just kept blasting more and more dip on till i got loads of coverage


mistake 2: ran out on the last rail so i got a slight run as i got too close and the air blew it from the gun but its on the rail so least i can peel it back and redo it easily instead of the whole roof


this is coat 3/4


the spoiler curves are really hard, i was going in like a cross pattern each coat (front to back then side to side) to try get a nice even cover as seen some go stripey using tins up and down



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next stage was to peel off the tape !


i was worried i would get some of the dip and pull it off, but aslong as you get a nice solid break line then the dip stops itself and makes its own cut line !


here it is







going to get all my windows done in black now too (tinted not dipped) think that will set it off a treat !


this is really simple stuff to use, it sprays so flat and dries faster !

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to clean off the over spray you can just peel it off, rub at it with your finger but i used my clay cloth thing ! was simple to get the rubber off (so she said!)



all in that cost me less than 40 quid including the spray gun, it says it lasts a couple of years the brighter colours need a topping up every few months

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this is where i got mine from




2 litres per coat on a full subaru size car he says, but he is a pro sprayer so i would think first time you might use a bit more wasteage


but if you go to the dip your car forum some of the stuff they are doing is immense, after holiday im doing my alloys a bit different colour, still kinda subtle but not what you would expect lol

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looks the dogs danglies that matt as we say ere lol,am defenatly having a go at my roof and bonnet when weather gets better now.do you think it will stand up to cats jumping on it,thats why a wana do mine as my cats are allways jumping of garage roof onto my roof then darn bonnet,so wana do it to save mi paint from claws.

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4 hours ago, Scooby Pete said:

I pasti dipped my Wheels and from that I wouldn't pastidip my interior.


I think you are thinking of Hydro Dipping which is the transfer type rather than a spray can https://www.wickedcoatings.co.uk/carbon-dipping-gallery



Nope, pretty sure it was definitely a can...this is the one I saw. Looks awesome.


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4 minutes ago, matt said:

I would go hydro dip over plasti dip any day of the week 

Aye, but what's the price compared to a spray can and some time? 😕 I imagine hydro dipping will cost a canny penny or two. I'll have a spare center vent next week I might give it a bash on to see how it turns out...

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