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17" vs 18" Wheels

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Hi all


I am interested in changing my wheels, to some kind of multispoke such as; Rota GRA Drft, Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2, that sort of thing. 


I am not sure whether to go for 18" or 17", what are the pros and cons of both? I think 18s looks great but I also like the chunky tyre look. I plan on installing some lowering springs too so would 17s retain some comfort? 


Does anyone have pictures of those wheels in 17" on a new age? If I google them, I mainly get 18s. 


If I was to get 17s I can reuse the current tyres which are almost new bridgestones, so will be much cheaper. 


Decisions, decision. 



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I think as long as you take the extra size of the rim out of the tyres so going to 18s would need a lower profile tyre it should improve handling due to stiffer tyre but it will also be harder ride.

I am not sure how much you will notice not having done it yet my self but currently planning to go down the 18s track myself.


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You know what they say about big Alloys..... Big tyres..... Im so funny :)





That's strange that the arches had to be rolled, wouldn't you get thinner tyres to go with large wheels so the overall wheel + tyre diameter is the same. Maybe he had a lower offset / wider wheels so it sticks out more? But your right, that is deffo something to keep in mind! 


What do most people use 17s or 18s? Pics of your wheels welcome :D 


I really like the wheels / tyre size on this video:


I can't quite make out the sidewall, are they 17s? 

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18's look good but if you're intending on lowering the car be prepared for a harsh ride on our well kept roads .

Imo 17's are a better option and even then my arches had to be rolled with wide offset 17" rotas and eibach pro springs or the rears rubbed with 2 people in the back on my classic

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That my wheels, as savage said they will have to be rolled if you want passengers in im afraid. cant really tell mine have been rolled unless you look under the arches, i also actually believe mine may be 17's haha :)

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I've got 18s on my legacy, they have to have a lower profile tyre than standard to keep rolling circumfence the same, otherwise you'll end up with your speedo reading slow.

But, ultimately, lower profile tyres are considerably more expensive. Particularly if you have to have a slight stretch on them to get the fitment in the arch. When I bought my car it had 215/40/18 which would've cost me about £75+vat each for budgets! Luckily 225s do fit and I got a relatively decent set for £50+vat each. Quite a difference if you're replacing the lot

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I do like yours Ash, what offset are they? I think the arches only need rolling if the offset makes it stick out too much or you go much wider, such as 8j+?


What are peoples opinion on Rota Grids? 


Not too sure mate, i was debating selling them ;) you also need the arches rolling if you have rear passengers as the camber/toe on the wheel changes slightly due to the added weight.

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