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Another Exhaust Question... (Show me Yours!)

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Well, next month I'll hopefully be looking at getting a cat-back exhaust on my turbo 2000.
I want something that lets you hear the awesome Subaru sound, but don't want it massively loud.
I also don't want an exhaust exit big enough to lose a small child down. So something around the ProDrive size? I think I'm wanting a straight exit too, as opposed to angled.

So yeah, does anyone have any decent pictures for me to perv..... look at?


Chris :)

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It's a 3" cat back system. But unfortunately I'm unsure of brand. I bought it second hand. Got a right bargain. £100. Miltek or magnex was mentioned during the sale but the centre section was cut and that box added to meet track noise limits. It'll be louder when decat is on.

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Sure it fits yours,i have a cobra(need to get centre part still) and sounds great(to me anyway)as it is .When i 1st got the car i could hardly hear anything,slight burble when concentrating. Now deep burble,sounds moderate outside(she said she could hear me coming down the road from a good way away) but its not intrusive. Just enough to :D and not :angry:


I know bug,but size may give idea,not measured it(can do) but sure 4"












Imo cobra offer pretty good value systems and its good quality ,not discoloured at all.............


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Thank you matey :) it depends on your tolerance i guess and if you have kids, some people say it is too loud, where as others have said it sounds awsome, what i have found is no scoobies sound fully the same :) for example me and nick used to have the exact same exhaust set up and his had a deeper idle but mine was deeper when booting it :s cannot fault the raptor though since putting it on :)

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There were a few Scorpion systems too, which were £120-£140, but they were too big for my liking.
I'll more than likely swap it out when I have more money. But for the time being, it's in really good condition and gets away from my horrible twin exhaust :P

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