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Bouncing Tachometer (Rev Meter)

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Hi guys,


I have a 2008 WRX and noticed today if I drop it from high revs (over 4k) and let it hit 0 e.g costing up to a stop, the Rev needle will hit 0 and bounce up to about 1-2k and then drop back to 0.


Not sure if this is a problem or not or what it means but thought I would ask.


Thanks for any help



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Earth fault on the clocks ? Or maybe something to do with the wires you found last night ?

Don't think it's always done it and I haven't changed any wires just looked at so not sure why it would start doing that.

How would I check for an earth fault on the clocks?

Btw everything else works fine car drives fine as far as I can tell.


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