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Hola folks


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Hi guys,


came across this site by accident when searching on google so thought i'd say hello.


Current car is a Volvo V50, my other one is currently parked up at scoobyclinic awaiting removal of the engine with a rattly crank. Not ideal lol

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Hi tidgy

I thought you had signed up before you are the tidgy from other sites scoobynet and one you're a moderator on one ?

But anyway welcome along if it is you mate [emoji106] and what took you so long lol [emoji12]

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Its not that far from standard at the min, mods are currently, I got the syvecs from a mate who was stripping his car so managed to grab it cheap just when i was getting a remap anyway :)


330mm AP 4 pot from brake's

rear new age Brembo brakes

Gt Gen spec 2 headers

Full scr decat

Harvey smith up pipe

Factory option OZ wheels (think variation on supertourismo)


Retrimmed steering wheel

Uprated excede clutch


turbo was struggling and only made 290, had gone in for new turbo and few other bits and bobs. They clocked a rattle from the crank second the fired it up the night i dropped it off, so now needs a rebuild. Not sure on route yet, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.5 are all possible options :)

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