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Importing a car


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been trying get hold of a insurance write off for a while and its not going well, think the car will end up crushed at this rate



been looking at japanese auctions, would you ever import a car? see these companies that pop up and disapear and i wont see it till it arrives in uk 




i can get a flight over there with a mate and actually go! but then how do i get it on a boat? cant take it on my carry on luggage can i 

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It's hard work, looked into it a while back as bargains can be had, i'd pay to get someone to do it, hence why new era and the rest of them charge you handsomely for the pleasure.

You got to find it,

Get it to the point of export,

Get it De registered in the country of origin, and ready for importation into UK. Not sure how strict our laws are about seeds grass mud etc still being on or in the car

Find someone willing to ship it, a RORO cargo vessel i far cheaper but then you risk the people loading/unloading nicking bits, container would be best.

PAY for above shipping, insurance dock fees etc.

Wait six to eight weeks and hope it's not been hijacked by pirates,

Get it off the boat in UK, pay for storage, import tax, vat prepped for an sva if needed buy model report I'd needed prep for UK, fogs mph/kmh etc.

Sva test and mot. Probably pay more tax along the line.

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What do you need it for? Might be worth letting local Subaru dealers know what your want, in case they might get in a beaten up trade in, which might suit you better. Saves all the hassle of importing, and you get to see the car before committing yourself.

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well me and my mate are both looking into it! so was thinking doing it together ! havent got permission from the wife yet tho!


been watching the auctions online , if you get one without their version of a MOT (its about 1400 quid there!) they dont make much!

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Would love to be a fly on the wall in your house when you tell the misses. ' i'm just off to view a couple of cars'

When you back?

December !


I'm gonna dig out all the paperwork for mine later, I know that the bloke who sold it to me imported it himself but he does run a garage business.

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Import from UK perspective of docks to registered is super straight forward for 10yr+ old cars.

Biggest hassle is buying blind besides pics & vids, it ok for import companies as they have staff/agents but even then they get some 5hit, Torque GT very near me & I done reports for buyers a few times over the years & I see a fair bit of scruff. Ideally you need view in person & have japanese export firm handle japan to uk docks.

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