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Cosworth Panel Filter Review - 08 WRX

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My first modification on any car I have owned is to bin the paper air filter element and replace for a more "manly" cotton/foam filter. I have used most brands in my previous cars (Green, K&N, Pipercross, Powertech, HKS) so when I browsed one of the online Subaru shops and I came across Cosworth I instantly snapped one up.


The review on the Cosworth page looked promising "Cosworth High Flow Synthetic Air Filters are constructed from a proprietary synthetic, non-woven single layer, pleated polyester filter media that requires no oiling. For an OE-like fit, the filter housing is injection moulded from high impact polystyrene or polypropylene. Each Cosworth air filter has been engineered to fit the vehicles original air box providing a true cold air supply to the engine. Cosworth Performance Air Filters also provide increased air flow when compared to original equipment air filters.

  • Improved performance
  • Superior filtration
  • Exceptional dust holding capacity
  • Reduced restriction (10%+ compared to OE filters)
  • Over 98% efficiency (ISO5011:200 Fine Dust Test)"

When it arrived it looked very similar to the original however instantly you could tell the quality was far superior to the OEM version. So over the weekend I popped into Subaru4you in Newbury for the cars 60k service and I got them to fit the new Cosworth panel filter. Len advised that these are pretty good filters and prefer these over the induction kits.


So whats it like you must be saying now??.... Well what an improvement!!! The car feels to pick up alot quicker and doesnt seem to be as hesitant in higher gears. The acceleration seems so much smoother and feels like it has increased some performance (unable to state 100% fact as didnt do rolling road).


I would recommend getting one of these filters for your car as for £35 it really is a no brainer! The only downside over an "oiled" version is that they need replacing every 30k miles like the OEM but for £35 who cares!!!

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Would it be safe enough to fit one of these without a remap? Where can I buy one?

I have one for sale in the For Sale Section. £28 delivered to your door! Dont need a remap with these as Pete said. You only need a remap once going turbo back exhaust and induction kit.

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There's two types of mods Scoobyghost :)

1 : ones that Improve the car instantly

2: ones that decrease performance until set up correctly

For example

Panel filter = Is ok will make car breathe easier and fuel better

Exhaust / turbo back = loss of power as the ecu can cope with less pressure and free flowness so to gain from a full system you need to remap the ecu :)

Beleave it or not I learnt that from wheeler dealers when they took there scobby to be remaped :)

Don't forget that's are mods that do compliment and aid the standard map of a car :)


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