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Boost solinoid issue


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Hi all i have a v2 import sti. I have a fault with the boost

Solinoid the on board diagnostic is showing a fault that there is no

Signal from it ive replaced the solinoid to no avail

The car had a small engine bay fire which fried a couple of wires they have

Since been repaired but just cant get to the bottom of this issue

The car will only boost to 0.5 then it fuel cuts any help would be great or if anybody has the ecu pin out

Thanks tony

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You should find your ecu pinout here


Open whichever diagram is for your car and check what the location of the boost solenoid wires are on the pinout !!!

Use a multimeter to check for continuity by putting one probe in the correct pin on multiplug then put other probe at the boost solenoid plug end ,multimeter should beep if ok and repeat for the other wire on solenoid plug too

This should tell you if the wiring from ecu to the solenoid is ok

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Also as temporary measure try looping the pipe from the wastegate actuator straight to the nipple in the turbo compressor intake

This will check your turbo is boosting up to wastegate pressure (std boost)

Will also help to eliminate were the problem actually is

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Yeah it's all been mapped in [emoji6]

Just thought I'd remove the oe sensor the other day to neaten up the bay a bit .....

Only boosted to actuated pressure (0.5bar) so I refitted it and I'm back to 1.5 bar again .

Have a squint at my v1sti build thread on here if you get bored on your lunch break [emoji4]

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