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Hi all


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Hi, my name is Karl, I live in Rochester kent with my partner Sara, we have 3 scoobies, mine is a GB270 and a import WRX and Sara has an 04 WRX, the import is for the track which I'm playing about with at the moment.

We help to run a club called Kent Imprezas which sort of took over from An old Club called Kent Scoobies.

I will add some photos when I get chance,




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Thanx very much guys, I do hope to make the meet at the wharf, will be good to see some of u there. I will put a post on our club to invite some of our members if u guys don't mind. I don't think I've met Ghost before but might of waved if passing as always try to lol. I have so far do lydden hill track and brandshatch so far but done a rolling road session and found got high det problems so going to book into surreyroad dyno and get an esl remap done. Only got her this year so bit of a learning curve at moment. post-4250-142972869109_thumb.jpgpost-4250-142972870417_thumb.jpgpost-4250-142972871352_thumb.jpgpost-4250-142972872408_thumb.jpg

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Don't mind at all Karl. The more the merrier. There is a post on here about the meet with address and convoy times. I'll grab the link in a sec. One of our guys did post it up last night and says there was a fair bit of interest [emoji5] [emoji106]

The classics looking good out on track. I was at srr last week for my remap and they do a top job down there.

Edit: Heres the link: http://uk.subaruownersclub.com/forums/index.php?/topic/13685-Kent-SOC-Monthly-meet-Saturday-2nd-May-7:30pm

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Ok thanx guys, if u want to check out our club it's kentimprezas on Facebook. We don't have a website unfortunately. We r not just Imprezas we do have a couple of legacys in the club to.

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