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Wanted: Forge or Turbosmart Dual port


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I'd like to give a BOV a go. I don't want it loud and as I'm only really intrigued I'd prefer not to spend the money on a brand new one.  ^_^


Anyone got anything to sell or even better loan me for a bit? Needs to fit a Newage 2004 Blob. 



I could also swap for either....


- 2tb brand new SATA hard disc (I'd give two for the Turbosmart dual port).

- a Sky HD box (I've offered it to a OAP for free on another forum so this may go).





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If I was you I would also look for a HKS SSQ with gold fin insert (quieter) as Subaru4You informed me at the weekend that they have never had issues with these and dont need a remap.

Good Luck!!

I just watched the video on scoobyworld for that DV and it sounded like a squeaky wheel to me [emoji4]

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Depens what fin has been fitted. I believe they do three typres which change the frequency. Purple is for the loud squeek, black (which you get with it) has a slight woosh with a mild squeek and then gold which is a low swoosh sound.


If you want the pppssstttt sound dont get HKS! ha ha

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Surely that should read "needs to fit a sharkeye / hatch" ?? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Give forge a ring



Found a house we want to buy so the money is going into that....it's a good investment opportunity so can't really turn it down [emoji52]

So perhaps I'll try again for a hatch a bit more seriously in a year or so...

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