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Anyone used impreza Prodrive WRX suspension on a Forester?


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I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience fitting Impreza WRX Prodrive suspension onto a Forester?

Both Cars are MY04.


I'm looking for a sensible drop that still keeps the car daily friendly.


I have read that the standard WRX suspension parts from the MY04 should be interchangeable, but not sure about the prodrive stuff.

The old SLS struts on the Forester are sagging so I am thinking of changing all round anyway,





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You'll have to check out what spring rates are on the rear our you'll end up with a saggy !Removed! again due to the foz weighing more than the wrx. Some people fit 2" spacers inbetween the tops and chassis, not sure how that works though

There's loads of info over on forester.org about what parts are direct fits and how to cure the sag with wrx parts.

Pedders do a lowering kits specific to the foz. Depends on how low you wanna go !

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Thanks for the replies everyone, I've gone off the idea of having a saggy bum, as the car already has that.

Stants, you have the pedders on your Forrester? Have you had any problems with them? I like the idea of a complete kit, fit and forget, however my concern is that I do a lot of mountainbiking, and quite often have a boot full of junk and 2/3 bikes on the towbar, I'm not sure if the pedders will cope withe the extra weight without sagging too much.

Thanks again guys.

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Yes mate I have the SF lowering kit, but mine was so dead it actually brought the car up in height at the rear [emoji51]

I haven't had any problems and it hey come with a two year warranty. I replaced the top mounts with oem spec kyb's at the same. Recently went to the dales with misses baby and travel cot pram food etc and the car didn't move

You can get the ez strut set up I think it's called which has the top mounts included they also do different springs for extra load carrying capabilities if your not sure on what to go for give them a bell and they'll help

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