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coilover suspension

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I was just looking to day at a tien coil over street pack an it was at £565 and drops it 25mm. Or scoobyworld do a stage 3 handling pack for £1500 which is coil overs, anti roll bars and bushes

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Yeah that's fitted but I have had a few things off them an buy the time comes to pay for it it goes up a bit for delivery an vat I but if your having it fitted u can cancel the delivery. I might go for it myself yet but if you bought it separately u might get it cheaper if you look hard enuff. And to the drop of it I think it was 25mm at bk and 35 at the front.

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Go for the Scoobyworld BC ones they are the best all round coilovers and you get the added bonus of top mount adjustment!

I agree with what robs saying but that's ok on a budget build but if you can wait and do it properly get the better bits over time :)


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Are you planning on tracking the car ?

If not I'd just do the rear anti roll bar, droplinks all round and shocks, upping both bars can make it a bit unpleasant on the road

24mm rear bar on the road is too much in my opinion

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Alot of folks vary on this and 99% of it is opinion, personally i think BC is cheap tat, i remember when they first came out and there was nothing but issues with em. No idea if they are better now but still see people complaining bout them nocking from time to time.


Tein super streets are pretty good for road use, dad had racelogic on his which were hard as nails and tbh ****, UK distributor went bust and dad had both rears **** all their fluid out and left hanging dry with no warranty cover when they went. Ended up having Teins fitted and he loves them, alot less harsh and crashy than the the racelogics and got a decent dealer network as well.


All things considered alot is down to spring rates on what ever you buy

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