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New 2014 WRX STi owner - Old time Impreza fan

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Been hanging around the forum a short while and done a few posts, but just recently got a nearly new July 2014 WR Blue STi. Had a classic 96 Prodrive when I was in my early 20's and now many years later decided it was right time to own one again :-) absolutely loving the car and much more useable than my Honda S2000 and no comment about comparison to the Audi A6 (even though it was new).

I'm located just outside Holmfirth so in between NW and Yorkshire/Humb side people, so hoping to get to some meets and shows when I can. Used to be a regional organiser back when I had the Classic with SIDC/Scoobynet, but that's 17 years ago :-) and had more re time then ;-)

Thanks all and nice friendly forum.


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Thanks for the messages guys, really appreciate it. Week day nights are really hard to do, but i 100% will get to some meets and shows. Hopefully I also might get to some track days and see some of the forum.

One quick picky I took the other day to wet the appetite :-)


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