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To restore or not to restore


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Hi folks,


I have access to a 2006 Forester which has been off the road for approximately three years. It has 300K Km on the clock and I know that there was a problem with the ignition (?)system (cruise control was disabled due to this error) prior to it being taken off the road. I expect it would need new shocks, timing belt, tyres etc.

My question is would it be worthwhile to spend money on this to put it back on the road? I am also considering the idea of converting the car to run on LPG to reduce fuel costs. The cost of conversion would be approximately €1,200 here in Ireland, but the LPG would cost as little as 67 cent per litre. 

Any advice welcome.


Best Regards



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Depends how much it is and how much you like it! Probably wouldn't need much to recommision it, as for restoration in thr proper sense of the word its probably not unless you want a challenge or it has sentimental value to you

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depends how much it is, or is it for free?


if it's very cheap and reasonable condition, it's worth spending £2k to get roadworthy and LPG conversion. it should give you a few more years of cheap and happy motoring

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Big concern is how its stored, remember a guy who stored his car for 3 years and left it without proper coolant in it, 3 winters later goes on dyno for mapping, heater matrix is ruptured (not a cheap or easy job) which pee's water all over the interior, that's fixed and then found the headgasket has gone due to the ice splinting pipes lifting the heads.


Forresters are hardy beasts, but not gonna be cheap to get back on the road at all, gonna need a full service, prob a set of tyres at least which wont give you much change from £1500. Add in other rubber items that don;t like being stood and its asking for trouble.


Can't see it being viable myself

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