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Carbon fiber bonnet or not


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£300 for a bonnet :huh:


I had the front end of my last blob done and that was only £400. like you say though, looks stunning afterwards


well, until you do this to it :(




I guess regional price difference :D


Thats bad news mate.Everyone ok?

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yeah, it was just me in the car. I came up the hill about 70 and there was loads of gravel on the right hand corner, the back end went left and I steered left, but it gripped and the back end just came round to the right, I just froze and braked (the wrong thing to do, but I just panicked :( ). I slid up the road sideways and onto the grass, I hit a concrete milestone with the rear driver door and the window smashed and that straightened the car up, the rear passenger side hit the wall and I just kept sliding on the wet grass into the lamp post :(


you can have any bit you want done, one panel, side, etc. think of accident repairs, they don't respray the car each time.




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as soon as I got home I was searching. I bought one a week later :lol:


It was being sold through a garage and the ad write up was rubbish, so I phoned up to ask a few questions. they knew everything about the car and owner and subarus and evo's as well (their son is a rally driver). the first owner was a millionaire, every service she just said to do everything that needs doing. she then gave it to her daughter and it was still no expense spared. I went up the day after, it drove spot on and I bought it. the only bad point about it is the paint isn't great, the owners lived in the middle of nowhere down little country lanes and it has got some scratches from branches and stuff

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