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URGENT NEED HELP impreza engine swap possible?


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I have a 1.5 R subaru hatchback 08 which i adore but is just not quick enough , i also have a 2.0 turbocharged first generation impreza 94 which i love the power but i prefer the newer subaru styling. 

Basically what i want to know is it possible to get my turbocharged 2.0 engine swapped into my hatchback or am i dreaming?  


any help on this would be much appreciated there is a picture down below of the 2 cars to avoid any confusion , cheers


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The engine should physically fit the engine bay but the wiring will be poles apart. You would probably need to take the entire loom and drivetrain and swap the lot.

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Yeah it's possible but not really economically viable. You'd need to swap out the whole drive train, upgrade the brakes, swap out the wiring loom and ECU for starters prob a thousand other things needed aswell. Then you'd need to inform DVLA and insurance about the swap which would whack up insurance costs and road tax.

As Jay said you'd be better off selling and buying a WRX or STI at the end of the day.

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