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05 wrx ppp tuning potential


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Depends on what turbo is on it td04/equivalent will run out of puff at 280, larger one will go up to 350 but you'll need other supporting mods,

You could just change the exhaust & fuel pump, pop a panel filter in and get a remap and you'll gain the extra 20ish ponies but you'll have a big increase in torque and how it delivers it,

All depends on how far you want to go and how deep your pockets are,

If your happy with under 300 then about a grand will do it but if you want more i'd save get all the bits then do in one go as not much point getting a map then having it tweaked in six months for more mods

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Cheers mate, just wondering now what the setup is on the ppp as regards to cats, up-pipe, downpipe compared to standard, has any of these been changed?

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I've got an 05 blob with PPP. It has an upgraded Y pipe on the intercooler. It also has the standard up pipe and first post turbo down pipe cat (no sports cat fitted, sti PPP kit only) but has the second post turbo cat removed then a remap taking it to 261bhp.

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My 2003 Blob has full decat exhaust (Not including up-pipe, that i still need to do) highflow panel filter (Pipercross) and has been re-mapped to 266.1 BHP 

Thats on standard WRX turbo TD04 , which is more or less topped out at that, you could go a bit closer to 300 but thats a good number. 


if you wanna go further then get pink injectors a walbro 255 fuel pump and the bigger turbo from the STI, something like a VF34 or VF35 :) 


Hope this Helps 


BTW the Ninja Backbox on sounds awesome FYI 

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my hawkeye is on a td04 and running 287bhp,

when andy carr mapped it he said he normally gets higher bhp from the 2.0 than the 2.5



thats at the higher end of the figures mate, 260 for a classic, 280 for new age is about the norm, turbo will be at limit.

As far as OP, where you go next is dependant on budget and what you want, cheapest option is as said second vf35, fuel pump (if not already), possibly 3 port and then map.


If you want the full banana's then SC36, injectors and alcatek to sack off the MAF and give mapper more ability to play with settings.


Other things to think about are brakes, suspension etc etc

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Hi folks, I've owned my Scooby now for about 2 months and loving it, what a car!

I'm starting to get the itch for more power and a bit more noise ( prodrive exhaust is a bit quiet)

What is the tuning potential of my prodrive pack version with basic mods like exhaust, induction kit etc with it being 265bhp standard?

Do you have a Prodrive certificate? If yes I would not change a thing. If you change something from that point your car won`t be a Prodrive modell anymore. If this doesn`t bother you then go for it ;)

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