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hi folks,when I bought my forester xten a couple weeks ago there was no sat nav disc with it,when I asked the dealer about this I WAS TOLD i WOULD GET ONE ON eBay FOR AROUND £30,this has since turned out to be total crap,I phoned my local Subaru dealer they told me it would cost £346 inc vat,I am going to contact the garage where I bought the car to-day,I will post the outcome later on in the morning.

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yup,looks like tom tom is the answer,now have a sat nav screen which only tells the time,or is there anything else I can use it for,a bit of a bummer this,since I was told by the garage it was working.

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lots of things could fit but not exactly plug & play.

inbuilt sat nav is junk on most cars as get old & update hassle is right pain on many.

I prefer buying without sat nav & adding my own.

If was mine I would replace it .

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Ye I think I'll try and get a standard dash glovebox compartment and replace it. How easy are they to get out? I read somewhere that you have to take the facia of the centre consol off too.

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