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Replace n/s/f wing


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Hi guys a lovely lorry decided to blow a tyre in front of me and has dented my n/s/f wing. I've now received a new one and was going to fit it myself. Does any one have pictures/instructions on how to do it.

54 plate impreza wrx prodrive

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If it's anything like a Bug then there are 3 bolts on top and a plastic bung behind the front bumper. One of them ones that need the middle pulling out before it releases (same as what holds the boot liner in)

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On the classics

the side skirts need to be removed to gain access to the bolt at the bottom of the wing

Headlights/sidelights need to be removed to gain access to 2 bolts that connect it to the front inner wing .

I can't remember if the front bumper needs to be removed but the arch liner does so if you remove that you might be able to see if there's any bolts that are not accessible with the bumper in situ.

I can post a few pics from my old Shell but it's a classic so there might be a few differences between them .

Failing that just offer up the replacement wing to see where the fixing bolt holes are bud

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