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type R rolling shell £?


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how much you think a V4 type R rolling Shell is worth.


Basically guy has taken his engine out, Left the gearbox in 


Sold interior (including steering wheel and carpet)

Sold wheels

Sold coilovers 

Sold lower arms

sold bonnet

Sold bumper and grill 

exhaust etc gone, rear lights , and bootlid is damaged



pretty much anything higher value has gone 


has some rot on rear arches and Shell has about 120k on the clock a mix of Km's and Miles


im awaiting pictures but he said i can take some wheels and he will bolt on some standard uk spec suspension he has and lower arms so it will roll (and a steering wheel!)

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Hmm hard one to value really, what was his plan for the Shell just to scrap it & What's he asking for it ? Maybe make him an offer inbetween the scrap value and what he wants if he has a price in mind if not I'd offer him whatever you thinks reasonable,

What's scrap around 120 a ton at the mo ?

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well, the guy was totally honest with me on the phone but i took my mate who would pretty much be doing the work. Armed with a small LED torch is all he was interested in.


Car was exactly as described tho a door had some minor damage i wasnt too worried, Turns out it had a silly power engine in and he sold that for what the car pretty much owed him! needed all what was described above all i think i could get ok.


he said its tough to get into reverse and normally needs 2-3 tries bit similar to mine 


arches had some bubling, quite bad really. about 2" up then the entire width of the arch had gone, as i looked my mate climbed into the boot area and said it was alot worse this side and was on the inner leaf too and the arch tubs (i think) , He measured up how much would need chopping out and rebuilding , The rear end had some quite bad rot too and said it might get quite expensive really fast but till they cut out the bad they wont know


I umm and arred, The guy was really helpful, He knew i was keen and not a timewaster. he needed 1k for it but after he told me he was sorted after the engine sale i was prepared for low! he showed me a Shell from LE scoobies which had more holes in it that swiss cheese and had some cheap arch kit removed for £650. I offered same price.


We chatted a bit, he said he dont think he can go that low. He had a email from someone else (which he showed me) but no price agreed. We left it as thats my offer not a penny more and i will collect next Saturday if i bring wheels he will get the suspension on and lower arms so least it moves/ rolls


I did really really like it, He was honest and he was a bit shocked of the rot inside the arch 

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That's a shame bud mind you it probably would have been a bit of a electrical mission to get your v5 inlet/engine working in the v4 Shell as the head inlet stud patterns are different and I think the engine loom is too .

Imo Would have probably been easier to have sourced a v1 to v4 long engine to drop in with a v3/v4 inlet .

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