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17" 5X100 Wheels


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I'm after some new wheels for my Forester. I'm not sure exactly what i want yet so if you have a set in good condition then shoot me a picture. 





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17's 5x100 with Bridgestone tyres.

Not bad condition but not like new asking £350 due to good tyres and could be lovely wheels with a little love.



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I'm playing with the idea of selling my wrx 5x100 17's running on 225/45/17 tyres.


I have 5 of them in subaru gold, I have just had 4 of them professionally refurbed fully with an anti corrosion coat to finish them, look brand new again (2 are still at the refurbers) the 5th wheel which the paint isn't great on has been kept just as a full size spare wheel just in case as I hate the little space saver spares!


Not sure what I'd take for them as I have invested a fair bit of money in them but then bought 4 new rota drift alloys as an impulse buy!











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Thanks for the reply Alex but sorry i dont think those do it for me. 


Hudson those look great and are the style ive been looking for, ive mainly been looking for black wheels but im now wondering how those golds will look on my red forester.... hmmm 


Have a think about how much you would want for the 5 and let me know. 

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I checked the clearance when i put them on and haven't heard anything since so it looks fine. 

I might change the springs to drop it about an inch and level it out a bit more, back is looking a bit lower than the front, but i dont plan on going any lower than that :)

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