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Insurance ... again


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Well that yearly drudge of trawling websites, hard sell phone calls, and general willy waving is upon me lol .

Started with the renewal, £100 up on last year with a must have premium of £305 lol

Then came the hard sell phone calls, we can put you in touch with cheap deals, (they cant !)

In the end i told them not to waste my time lol

One even had the cheek to tell me it was impossible to get below £200 fully comp...

Well i did the impossible

£150 fully comp :)

Happy bunny me :)

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thats cheap mart, you must have max no clames mine is just over £500 with only 1 years no clames , oh desided to not bother with unduction found out ut makes it suck warm air ,keeping it standid with good panel filtter

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Just seemed cheap compared to mine

I'm 41[emoji57] with full ncb and a 21yr old sti but I have got a like for like replacement on all the modifications so didn't think it was too bad .

As I paid £560 fully comp for my first standard v3 uk turbo with a mainstream insurance broker 3 yrs ago .

still nearly 3 times what you're paying though bud ,nice [emoji106]

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