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Bigger turbo


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you won't gain much running it at max PSI, the max it will run is about 16/17 psi, but the higher the PSI the hotter it runs, so warms the air up, so no increase in performance.


a remap will got to about 15 PSI and give decent gains, but also look at good air filter, free flow exhaust, decat up pipe. All these will help the flow of air through the engine


it's not all about PSI, it's about air flow and efficiency. A little turbo running big PSI and verging on inefficient or a bigger turbo running sensible PSI flowing more air and in it's efficient range

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a remap should be done by someone that knows what they are doing with subarus, they will set it up to it's optimum.


some blobeye WRX's can get 285-300bhp with a remap and a supporting mods. mine would only get to 265bhp, but the low down punch was great. don't worry about top end BHP, it's all about the midrange :D

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Thanks dave most helpful. Just need to know what to run the turbo at because only running at 0.6 not sure what optimum psi is

Are you after a figure of what yours should be boosting at stock ?

Depending on model and if has ppp etc should anywhere between 0.8-1.0 bar iirc ?

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Hiya ppl

Would like to know if a vf34 sti turbo would be OK to fit on my standard 1999 20l turbo think it has a kd04 at the moment?


yes it will go mate, 


remap - what do you want? what year car you got

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just seen your model number in the side tab: if its a 1999 car you got four options:


1. ECUTEK, about £550 

2. Apexi about £350 for the unit then map / set up is another couple hundred quid but more people can do apexi or you can buy the cable to do it yourself

3. alkatek - can run maffless etc have launch control, dual maps, loads of toys but expect to pay out about £1k inc mapping 

4. Open Source i.e. Eculabs remap basic is about £450

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