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Actually own one now..


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Hey guys, right I started this account in April (and spoke to JustNoGood about his as was hoping to get the mazda sold reasonably quickly) but due to the difficulty in selling my Mazda 6 (time wasters, low ballers, and not near as much interest as I hoped for) I had to delay any hope of getting an Impreza...


long story short though finally got the Mazda sold


and bought an amazing WRX300 from a guy who works on rally cars for a living and ive now had it just over a month (best of it is it only came from about 70miles from where i live and was near main transport links so easy to get to...)








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Its pretty standard. has a baileys dump valve, one of the cats has been removed, the spoiler and an aftermarket touch screen dvd player, oh and my blue wheel nuts (not pictured as havent transfered the pics of them off my phone yet). thats it really at the moment


not got a lot in the way of plans compaired to last cars but dont want to get too ahead of myself. so far though:


Hella Supertones (going to respray the metal blue before i fit them)

new alloys or refurb the current alloys at some point (not keen on gold)

Sti winglets

strut braces

dress up kit for engine (not sure to fit the unbranded ones ive got for free or buy sfs ones)


may get coilovers but not in a hurry to do so.


thats it for now :) still just enjoying the car the way it is :)

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