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I don't own a Subaru


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Hi there, I don't own a Subaru and have no intention of buying one. I appreciate they're great cars, but I like front wheel drive N/A, which is why I drive a DC5. It's blue like a Subaru, but very different aside from that.


What on earth am I doing here? I have some snazzy 5x100 wheels for sale and thought I would do the right thing and say hello in here, instead of storming in screaming "BUY MY STUFF!".


I don't suppose you'll want to talk to me after learning I drive a Honderp with no turbo, but I'm a genuine person. I like driving N/A fwd because I can drive it to within an inch of it's life and stay very safe on circuit, especially ones like the Nuburgring. I can't be dealing with driving at 7/10ths because I might crash, I love feeling the car floating on the limit, so I reduce the risk with great handling and fwd. 


That's enough welcome babble. Nobody's going to read it anyway. :P




Here is a picture of my car, it is outside the Ohlins factory in Germany, because it has Ohlins coilovers. Wow.



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Nice car mate, I previously had a white c-pack one for 5 years brought straight from Japan and loved it, great car. Was sad the day I sold it, but needed a car wit more space as wife.

I do prefer the Subaru now, but will always have a soft spot for the dc5

Here's a pic of mine


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Such lovely comments, and I thought you all hated me from the lack of comments before.


DC5 is a perfect family car. Step1: buy dc5. Step2: leave family to their own devices and go drive dc5. Fin.


Great DC5 article in this months Jap Perf mag - proper sleeper


Sept or Oct?

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