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Hayward & Scott TBE vs Miltek TBE

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So. Another thread to add to the oversaturated exhaust topic.

This one is concentrating purely on two systems for a Forester 2.5XT my04 SG model.

I'm deciding between a Hayward & Scott TBE and a Miltek TBE and want people's opinions on them. Most of all on how loud they are.

My reason for upgrading is ONLY to allow me to push more power out of the engine. If I could keep the exhaust at the same DB levels as the standard one I would. I'm 40 and my only interest is performance, not interested in having a loud exhaust.

Having used Miltek before I know they do top notch stuff and it's never been boy racer loud; but the Miltek system for the Forester is 3". The Hayward & Scott system is 2.5 but doesn't have such a big silencer in the centre section.

Has anyone actually heard either of these systems, or had any experience with them?

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Just to add (and bump the post); does the Miltek fit non-STi models? It specifically says STi, but as far as I can see it would only be the bracket that attaches to the 6 speed STi box that wouldn't reach the 5 speed XT box.

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How noisy are Cobra's?


I've kind of always looked towards Jetex and Miltek as they don't go for super loud systems.




Both decent qaulity, miltek are pretty pricey, could look at cobra as well

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I'm thinking of doing it bit -by -bit. Starting with the downpipe and possibly up-pipe. In the past I've always been able to eek WAY more power out of a downpipe with 100 or 200cel cat than out of a cat back system. Generally the catback has just added noise, which is what I'm trying to avoid. The downpipe in my experience has only added lots of noise when you hit the loud pedal with enthusiasm. That said, I've never had Scoobys before.

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I would get a custom one made up to your needs, something like a 70mm system with good sports cat & silencers with particular attention to rear box to keep noise level close to oem .

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