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clutch type for 97


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I have a 97 impresa turbo but need a new clutch soon, as its right at the top for biting,,

ive been looking for clutches on different web sites and there seems to be so many version of them

my model number is gc8ek8d

my engine number is ej20gnw6nd


any help would be great


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ok kust been on the phone to euro car parts and gave them my vin number, turns out the clutch is 230mm and not the 225mm one  so just ordered an exedy one for £230, and just been quoted 390 for fitting for local garage

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Give "Asperformance " or "lateral performance " a bell as I think they sell the uprated pink box clutch kits for about £280 [emoji6]

Main thing different about fitting a scooby clutch is they're "pull clutches" so you have to remove the clutch fork pivot pin to release the thrust race before you can split the engine and box.

I'd also recommend getting the flywheel skimmed as if the current clutch has worn the flywheel you'll probably end up with "judder" due to the uneven surface not making full contact with the straight new clutch plate face

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Give Dan a ring mate down railway Street or I can see what he will charge ya if you like with fitting. But I drove through to Sheffield to let Martin do mine at Sheffield Subaru services. Had a cheeky nandos too lol. Think he charged me 280 supplied and fitted.

With a skimmed flywheel.

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