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Hello from UP North


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Hi to all on the Forum,


Had our 2004 Forester XLN for quite a few years now, it's a work horse but "What a Work Horse" we love it to be honest the best car we've ever bought, hot, cold, wet or windy it just does what it should and then some (it's frequently got a trailer attached), only recently started to give a couple of issues, so thought time to ask peeps who know more than I about these gentle giants of the motoring world, hope to post frequently and to give something back to the forum with my limited knowledge but vast life experience, I'll get a photo or 2 once I've figured out how to work the camera, then upload to a host thingy from the Computer'ma'bob.


So Hello all,

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Welcome! I'm kind of new around this forum too, and today I learned that there exist a XLN Foz version!  Never heard about that model in this side of the atlantic but the navigation package seems a very nice addition.

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