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What based for a 400bhp+ Legacy


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Hi guys,

So love my Impreza wrx but will be upgrading at some point, not for a while yet but want to start some research as I never do it and tend to fall in love with a car on the test drive and buy it without looking into it. So not this time.

My plan is to build a nice all rounder with a bit of a monster under the bonnet.

After watching the mcm build of super gramps and always having a soft spot for estates. I am looking at building a 400bhp+ legacy. Something that I can drive dally, shift kit for work, take the dogs out. But also have fun on some B roads, drag strips and track days.

I know I ask a lot.

So I guess my first question should be is crazy power possible out of a legacy or would I need an engine swap?

What would be a good starting point car?

I have been looking at a jap import gen 4 as it has the extras like si drive, cruse control and so on. I would like a manual over an auto as well but if it had a manual mode it might just do.

One plan would be to pick a good starting point car and have it shipped off to someone like litchfield or API to do the work. However if it's possible to do some of it myself I would be happy.

Btw its this or a forester sti but personally I think I like the legacy better.

So not sure who the legacy experts are but thought it never hurts to ask and see what I can find out.




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If you're looking at the older models, GT, GTB you'll only achieve it safely by converting it to single turbo. Plus obviously all the internals would need to be forged etc etc...

I can't say I know much about the newer models- I know there's a couple of guys seeing the mid to high 300s by supercharging their gen 4's.

It would be a pretty similar affair to getting big power from an Impreza, just in a bigger car- so if you want to drive it daily, I'd be a tad concerned it wouldn't be all that driveable.

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Thanks, I guess looking at the size difference between this and my current WRX should also be a factor.


I was looking at the newer single turbo cars as I want some of the newer features, such as cruse control and SI Drive. Also the mid to high 300's would be fine 400 is a nice number to aim for but basically I want something with some real go but with the practicality of an estate. So I guess drivability comes before power.


Thanks for the thoughts :-D

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