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Drivetrain upgrades sti classic

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Clutch control.

I'll make a mess of this but it was explained to me: put your hand 6 inches away from a wall, now push as hard and quick as you can. Do it again but this time have your hand touching the wall to begin with.

Find the bite and feather it in to gear. Takes the strain off the gearbox.


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it would be good to know how much to rebuild thankyou.

i will want to launch hard i know what im like on bikes so trying to find whats the best way to go, i was hoping to find out if there are any internal modifications that help. i was reading about strenghening plates that go on the gearbox to stop them bursting by the looks of it. 

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Place In Liverpool called gears will be the best people to ask they rebuild them and would know of any strong internals. Or even Andy forest might be able to give some advice but I know he's getting ready to do some races in Australia. So think he will be busy.

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