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Hello - Subaru Oil leak :-(


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Hello :-)


I have just got myself a 1999 Subaru Legacy estate
2L for my first subaru - ive always liked them but never though i could
afford one. Ive started off with the small 2l non turbo then i will work my way up.


ive noticed now that ive owned the car for a week, im getting oil on
the bottom of the sump - i wiped this off and notice it keeps coming
back, i thought it would be the sump seal, but then i noticed at the
back of the engine block - looking into the bonnet left hand side i saw oil coming from a round
thing by the rocker cover and i dont know what it is??? please help




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Hi n welcome

I don't know much about the na's but looking at the pic and assuming it's only got 1 cam in each head , I'd say it was a blanking plate covering the rear of the cam . probably used while they machine the heads during pre assembly (new)

Have a look on import car parts website to see if they list a gasket and if not you could try removing it , cleaning both surfaces and refitting it with some three bond liquid gasket

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If it's not been running for a while the majority of oil will have worked its way back into the sump (it takes about 25 minutes or so) it'll be worth having a little bucket underneath though and a couple of rags handy

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