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Emissions for MOT

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Advice to a new owner please re reducing 'high' CO2 emissions:

Recently acquired WRX 2.0 turbo (320bhp) failed MOT due to high CO2 readings. MOT tester (decent bloke) looked underneath and said there seemed to be a shortfall in the cat department and this was the likely reason. Any inexpensive fixes on this one?

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just be thankful you dont own a VW haha 


On a serious note .... when was the last time it had a decent service inc spark plugs - dizzy - ht leads - oil - oil filter - air filter ? worth doing that as every little helps


being that its 320bhp im asuming its mapped ? it could be a mapping issue maybe 



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Seems VW have found the way round the high emissions problem James, maybe I could borrow the offending part!

Good point about having the basic service items all in good nick - unfortunately they all are, so no scope for any benefit there. Yep, it's mapped and quite a flier so I'm reluctant to meddle with the mapping. Maybe a high flow sports cat (= wallet pain of course) would resolve it with minimum affect on performance?

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