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Hi folks,


How's it going? Just got myself my 1st Subaru. I've wanted one for a very very long time now and finally I had a good opportunity to get something I really like. My new pride and joy is an Impreza 09 plate WRX STI 330s. Quite rare I believe with only around 174 or so on the road ( not sure if that makes it rare tbh). Unfortunately I'm stuck offshore in !Removed! Norway so wont get to drive it again until Tuesday :(


I'll be driving it around as spec to get to grips with my new beast but was wondering if any of you had any tips hints on what would be nice and easy upgrades?


Cheers for any advice and nice to meet you all

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Wotcha and welcome - Do love a hatch me - this months Jap Performance mag as free tuning guide for the Scooby hatch, full breakdown of suggested changes - most important is a remap to avoid ringland failure if you are still running standard internals.


When I owned a PPP STI hatch (predecessor to the 330) I contacted Subaru about the failures and was assured the remap done by Subaru along with the other PPP changes addressed the lean running on pot four, however according to JPM this is not the case.


So for peace of mind I would recommend getting that done by a reputable after market tuner Andy Forrest etc

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Cheers guys thanks for the welcome :)


Once I'm back home I'll be right down to the newsagent, thanks for that Jay. Spoke to a few of my mates (Scooby owners past and present) and they all recommended Andy Forrest for mapping, and it's defiantly something I'd like to get done for peace of mind.


Time to get the head down and make some pennies!

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