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Hi, nice to meet you all!


Recently i bought a 09 JDM WRX S-GT auto, and i'd like to change all fluids on the car but there are something i'm unsure and need your advice plz.


1. What auto fluid should i put in?


2. What front & rear diff fluid are use in the car? (75w/90 ? or auto fluid?)


I've been browsing on the net for long, but didn't see much info for the auto WRX S-GT


Thanks in advance




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Hello & welcome nice purchase David's been looking at these so some pics would gladly be appriciate, rear diff should be 75/90 the front diff & gearbox are as one on manuals so I guess it would be the same for auto's, so I presume it would be dexron 3 atf fluid for the front, ( don't hold me to this) will have a search for you, they are a rare beast hence the lack of info,

May be worth a nosey round on some us sites as they tend to have more auto's

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God yeah, much homage!!!

Get some pics up please and a review would be great too please! [emoji6]

Is yours different to the wrx sti a-line? Can I be cheeky and ask what it cost you all in to import too and who you used?

Way too excited....must control self lol

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That would be my idea not sure if yours is the same layout but the dipstick & fill tube is next to the turbo underneath the intercooler, may be worth giving subaru uk a call as there are a few auto wrx's knocking around,or message Jay as he has a hatch auto

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Ok well had a little search, and up to 2005 dexron 3 was the prefered fluid, but GM stopped dishing out licences to make it or something along those lines, now subaru specify their own brand Subaru-Idemitsu ATF-HP. so I'd either contact your local dealer or speak to Opie Oils www.opieoils.co.uk (we get club discount too) they know their stuff when it comes to this kind of things,

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