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advice needed for a newbee

Squire Subaru

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hi all and thanks for letting me join the form.

Had my first outback for a year now.Its a 2006 manuel 2.5 petrol. great car. Its done 111000 and still drives like new. BUT, when travelling slow and with the reeves under 1000fpm i get a slight squeal. I've changed all the belts and its still there. Thought it could be a clutch bearing but it has a replacement clutch by Subaru dealer in April 2013 .it happens when pulling away. any ideas ?


also the heat shields have begun to rattle and vibrate under load. Any problem just binning them ?



loving the car and there are just niggles. no one else i know has one so I'm turmimh to you as the people who know





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Hi mate welcome to the forum :) Is it just when cold or all the time. I'd check PS pump, AC compressor too.

As for the heat Shields I've removed one of mine with no issues but you can get exhaust heat wrap which is pretty good but not too easy to get on in places :) 

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Some folks use large hose clamps (aka jubilee clamps) round the loose heat shield/s and tighten - stops the rattle. Previous OB I had had about 6 of these round various heat shields. The squeal - are the belts you replaced tight enough/or too tight maybe?

Whereabouts in Kent are you?

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Thanks Guys , I'm gonna stick with the heat shields so its giant jubilee clips for me. Looks like i need to replace the centre exhaust section . Bizarrely Subaru do an after market version for £313 which is about as good as it gets rather than £440.....

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