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2015 Need for speed

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thinking about getting it for pc so can use my steering wheel,would get it for ps4 but not till they make my logitec wheel compatable with ps4 as am not paying a fortune for another wheel that just not as good,sony can k**s my a** till then lol

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your probly rite gambit,they just want everyone to buy their new g29 wheel thats ps4 compatible,its nice but am not paying for another wheel,they say its becouse the old wheels dont have a chip in them,well load off bo***cks they could easy make an adapter that plugs in ps4 then your wheel plugs in that,but wont cause they want your £250 for the new wheel.

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I'll get it on PC anyway most games I don't think will be a game I'll play alot of I'l get the PC version. Did the Same with WRC 5 I think I was right too game sucks :D

i was thinking of getting wrc5 glad i did not now  :lol: going to get dirt rally for pc instead i think,its got subarus  :D

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